About us

Who are we?

The Highway to Freedom it is a project sustained by the Association ADOPTS AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE “A.S.V.S.”, a non-profit association, was born out of the need to inform as accurately and completely as possible about a healthy lifestyle.

Today we are exposed to many dangers coming both from the outside and from within us.

Without limiting ourselves, as dangers that deeply affect the quality of life, we mention:

  1. Sedentarism or lack of movement
  2. Inappropriate diet
  3. Stress or lack of balance between leisure time and work

As the founders of this association, we fell into these traps, and the consequences were unpleasant for our health.

We ignored any form of motion other than the car, we spent a lot of hours in the chair in front of the computer and got into a situation of multiple spinal disorders.

We ate only when “we had time”, and most of the time, during one day of the meal, it was only one after 22 o’clock. What led inevitably to fattening and liver steatosis.

We have devoted much more time to the professional life and problem solving less time for family life, leading to stress and inevitable autoimmune disease.

Objectives and Activities

These were the reasons that have prompted us to set up the same nonprofit association that aims to promote a healthy lifestyle by:

  • Organization of meetings, courses, conferences, competitions, events;
  • Promoting the exchange of ideas, information, and experience on topics of interest to people who adopt a healthy lifestyle;
  • Facilitate access to information by promoting them on the Internet

We are aware that the vast majority of people learn only when they live by experience. However, we hope and hope that some of our readers will find in our pages information that will find them useful.

We want the information presented to take and apply in your life what you consider necessary to make a change to a healthy lifestyle.

The Association ADOPTS AND HEALTHY LIFESTYLE “A.S.V.S.”, only informs and does not provide medical advice or recommend treatments.

If you suffer from affections, we recommend that you consult with your doctor.

We try to keep the website as updated as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us using our contact page.