Why should you avoid high-sugar food and drinks?

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Sugar is one of the things that receive blame for may health problems. Our bodies only require a small amount of sugar for it function properly. Natural sugars such as those found in fruits and milk will definitely benefit your diet.

Having the right amount of the right kinds of sugar on your diet can make a difference in your healthy balanced meals.

What does sugar do?

Sugar provides energy for our muscles, brain and as well as our nervous system. It also fuels the cells throughout your body.

Sugar also acts as a backup energy reserve. When we consume sugars, our bodies stores excess sugars for it to be used when the primary energy sources are not available. This happens usually during exercising or workouts. Between meals and at night while sleeping, which prevents lowering of blood-sugar levels which is dangerous in most cases.

Fruits – Best and Healthy Source of Sugar

Various fruits are excellent healthy choices for sources of sugar since it contains natural fruit sugar (fructose). Fruits also contain natural dietary fibers which help to keep blood sugar more stable and also helps improve digestive health.

It is very important to have sugars in your diet but excess sugar intake could lead to several serious health complications. Excess sugar intake messes up a normal eating pattern which can lead to over-eating and obesity.

Avoid high-sugar food and drinks – such as soft drinks and sodas – as much as possible since it is high in calories with not many nutrients added which may contribute to weight gain. Try natural fruit juices instead as a healthier alternative.