Depriving Yourself of Sleep Is a Terrible Idea

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Adequate sleep is one of the key parts of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep makes us feel better and recharged especially after a good night’s sleep. Rest and sleep give our body time to recover and repair itself from the damages and stress we accumulated throughout the day.

What happens when we sleep?

Our heart rate and breathing slow down – recharging our heart and cardiovascular system for the next day’s activities. Our bodies also repair or heal damaged cells mostly when we’re sleeping.

Meanwhile,  our brain does a lot even while we’re asleep. it forms new memories and consolidates older memories. This plays an important role in learning since it helps our brain to retain and store information into our long-term memory which improves recall information better. Sleep is also important on our brain’s various function such as cognition concentration and overall brain productivity.

What happens when you deprive yourself of sleep?

Not enough sleep can cause strain on your brain, nervous system and body. Your brain will force itself to shut down for a few seconds without you actually knowing it which is dangerous risk especially when it happens while driving or on risky activities that require great attention and quick responses.

Bottom line is that rest and sleep are necessary for both our physical and mental health.  One cannot simply achieve a healthy lifestyle without a regular adequate sleep.

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