The Adorable Pikler Triangle ♥

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Pikler Triangle – Watch your little one climb in such a FUN and MAGICAL time.

Did you know that children can climb before they are able to walk? Once your child starts crawling, they are ready to climb! Climbing is completely natural and something humans can do during the crawling stages. Pikler triangle allows for both of your child’s hands and feet to be active at all times, which makes the experience more organic.

little climber lily and river
Little Climber – Play, Read, & Grow | Foldable for Flat Storage | Reversible Accessory Included
picklers triangle
STEP Triangle / Pikler Ladder / Great for Montessori Toddler Classroom or Household

Climb Anywhere -Transform your room, yard, or nursery into a fully interactive climbing experience with endless course options.

pickler triangle pikler triangle with slide

Climbing on the bars gives them sense of place of their body in space where they have an opportunity to test, retest, and perfect their climbing abilities using all their limbs and body.

This is one of the most versatile and thus one of the most useful items for developing motor skills for toddlers to five year olds. It gives children a chance to develop all sorts of skills appropriate for their age.

piklar triangle pickler triangle climber stair slide for indoor stairs for kids

Play on a simple course or setup an advanced and rigorous climb. Pikler triangle is lightweight, folds flat for simple storage, and it’s weather resistant. Enjoy climbing under the sun or within the comfort of your home on those rainy and snow days.