Train Your Mind To Become A Better Runner

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The brain rules the body

In a book called Endure: Mind, Body, and the Curiously Elastic Limits of Human Performance, it says that “Limits are just illusions”. Our brain can be trained to allow the body to physically handle more.

A study out of the University of Birmingham, England, demonstrated that it is possible to, in a sense, fool the mind into allowing the body to work harder. These researchers showed that cyclists who consumed a carbohydrate drink containing either glucose or maltodextrin disguised with an artificial sweetener during a workout were able to ride harder and longer than those who consumed water disguised with an artificial sweetener. This was despite the fact that none of the participants actually consumed either of the liquids, nor did they know if they were swishing the carbohydrate solution or plain water. The two groups rated the level of difficulty to be the same, even though the carbohydrate drink group worked harder.

Yes! You can do more than what you think.

Our mind helps our body reach the hidden extra potential within us all. If you think your body doesn’t feel like running 2 more laps, always let your mind linger to the thought of “What if I take another lap?”. You’ll be surprised that you still have the energy to run another one or even trhee laps! It’s just all in the mind, don’t let the “limits” drag you into doing less than what you can really do.

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